AndroRat Full Version Android Hacking Tool {Error Fixed}

AndroRat Best Android Hacking Tool Download 2022

This word is a combination of two different words. Let’s take a look over, it is Android and Rat after combining these two words, and it is AndroRat. It will be the best application program that lets the user give information regarding Android devices. Well, it is the most asked question from the audience that what kind of information we can find after using it. Yeah, the activated version of AndroRat Download provides call logs, messages and much more information that user needs.

AndroRat Full Version Android Hacking Tool {Error Fixed}Most importantly, if you are curious about to download install and activate this particular application to your smartphone, then this article is helpful for you. It uses RAT technology, which stands for Remote Access technology. With the combination of Remote Access technology, this app will able to get all the information from another smartphone. In case, you want to hack the phone of your girlfriend or boyfriend or want to spy your friends secretly then you can do it with this useful software.

AndroRat Full Version Android Hacking Tool {Error Fixed}AndroRat is the best and perfect app if you are an Android user. Do not confuse if you are confused about is it works or not. We are providing the tested setup that works on All android phones. It can also be used in the target phone as client-side and on the hacker’s computer as the server-side application. The APK format is written in Java Android and the server application using Swing and Java. This tool has created personal security reasons and for useful purposes. And you should use this setup for educational meaning for knowledge.

AndroRat Full Version Android Hacking Tool {Error Fixed}

Facts And Figures of AndroRat

  • It is the best app for spying
  • The user can get contacts and all information related to contacts
  • Trace all incoming, missed and received calls from targeted phone
  • Works on Location by GPS/ Network
  • Monitors received messages in live mode
  • The user can also monitor live call
  • Use Camera of targeted phone remotely and take pictures alike

What’s New

  • From microphone stream sound
  • Stream Video from targeted phone
  • With its adorable interface, you can also send the message or text message that
  • prompts the targeted phone
  • Can be operated in your computer and Mac devices

How to Configure:

  • Before using it, the user must have to configure
  • You have to make an ID on here and create a host
  • Need to open port that you want to use
  • If you’re going to install it on your computer system, then you must follow the instructions
  • in the download folder
  • Download the setup separately available in the link below for Windows

What’s Required to use AndroRat

  • Your Smartphone
  • Computer desktop/ tablet or laptop
  • Must have to install Java on your computer
  • Needs Wireless router
  • Requires fast internet connection


If your Antivirus is turning off all Androrat server application, then turn off the Anti-virus for some minutes. Restart your Pc if the problem persists. After restarting you will be able to use it and get your data. Hit the Download button to download and install the app to your device and keep spying your friends.

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