Hotspot Shield Crack 11.2.1 [Latest][Final]

Hotspot Shield Crack

AnchorFree is the company in charge of developing Hotspot Shield. It was first released to the market in April 2005. It could only work on just two operating system initially. They are the Mac OS and Windows. But the platform for iOS to be compatible with it was released in 2011, and that of Android OS in 2012.

Hotspot shield is a software that almost everyone is now familiar with. It is used as an internet solution to security protection and privacy guidance. This function is what many computer users know it for. It is more than that. Apart from the internet security protection and the privacy solution it provides, it likewise, guard system against online threats. All the main features embedded in this software made free. But in case you need to use additional features, it must be paid for.

Key Features of Hotspot Shield

The major features of Hotspot shield crack are enumerated below:

  • Multilingual software: virtually all the common languages spoken in the world are in the software. Users do not need to worry about the language barrier. You only have to change the default language in the setting to your preferred language.
  • It fits and works well in public places. Many software users do not like using the internet while in places such as an airport, stadium, hotel, school, and so on. They fear the activities of the hackers. Their account can be hacked easily. But Hotspot Shield software will protect you from getting hacked.
  • It offers or provides HTTPS encryption. With the encryption, your personal information, browsing history, and all the data available on your laptop are protected. You need to be careful as well, sharing of personal details while surfing the internet should be avoided. In case of scenarios like shopping online that requires you to give some details, make use of Hotspot Shield alongside it. It ensures you have good and reliable security against others from seen those details.
  • Complete protection of the IP address: IP address is another means by which hackers used in getting information about someone on the system. It is not what a user can guard against easily without external help. External help that can make use of is to install Hotspot Shield Crack. Intruders won’t be able to mess with you or monitor your activities while browsing. Tracking you down will be very difficult for them. Just continue to enjoy your privacy and feel safe all the time.
  • Sometimes some schools, offices, or any other type of organization block their workers from getting access to websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other popular websites. This can be bypassed easily by introducing Hotspot Shield into that system. It will unblock all the sites that are locked for you.
  • Some hackers are so professional that they can still hack into your system with the high level of security you think you might have on the system. But Hotspot Shield software has the ability to create a tunnel that will be encrypted. This encrypted tunnel will serve as protection between the computer and your computer server. This makes users be anonymous while browsing. Hackers can hack into your system but they won’t be privileged to monitor your activities.

Some More Amazing Features of Hotspot Shield Crack

  • The configuration of network filters that can be set by the network administrator of your system
  • Getting full access while online to any favorite contents of yours
  • Securing your online presence against harmful elements like viruses
  • Provision of security for your WiFi
  • The user interface of this software is an easy one and simple for users that are first timer users
  • Harmful sites can be accessed without getting being hacked or infected
  • It works with the operating systems like iOS devices, Android, MAC and practically almost all Windows operating system
  • It also works with wireless networks
  • Provision for unlimited bandwidth
  • High-speed internet connections
  • Experience Ad-free browsing
  • Servers of this software are located in countries such as Germany, Australia, US, UK, Japan, and Canada
  • Real-time server connections
  • Giving warning to users anytime they are on phishing websites
  • Presence of feature for proxy-browser of malware protection
  • Stable connection in comparison to PPTP and LT2P

App Information

  • Default Language: English
  • License type: cracked version
  • OS support: All versions and editions of Windows (64/32bit), Android, Mac OS, and iOS are supported
  • App Developer: The developer is the company with name “AnchorFree”
  • Size: 14.1 MB
  • Initial release date: 2005
  • Other languages: French, German, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, Persian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese
  • Website:

Screenshot Reviews:

Hotspot Shield Crack v9.6.0 [Latest][Final] Hotspot Shield Crack v9.6.0 [Latest][Final]

How To Crack?

The cracking of Hotspot Shield is an easy one. It contains a few steps to be taken. Let us take a look at them together. They are:

  1. Use IObit uninstaller or any other uninstaller software to uninstall Hotspot shield version that is on the system
  2. The anti-virus software needs to be disabled or deactivated for the installation to go smoothly
  3. The setup of Hotspot shield should be installed (NOTE: You should have already downloaded the setup before)
  4. Download the cracked version of Hotspot shield also
  5. The crack version will be in form of a folder. All the files in this folder should be transferred to the installation directory
  6. Then look for HSS.exe and run it as administrator
  7. The installation should be allowed to run and complete its process
  8. It is now complete and ready

What is new in Hotspot Shield crack?

  • Intuitive interface and a simple one at the same time
  • Bug fixing and improvement
  • Internal web-server is removed from this version

How To Install And Activate

  1. Download the setup
  2. Install this setup (do not open it yet after the installation)
  3. The patch file should be downloaded
  4. Run this patch file
  5. It will ask for which version to be installed, pick the latest one
  6. Then complete the remaining instructions by clicking on next until you see “finish option”
  7. Your software has been installed successfully and activated
  8. Enjoy

System Requirement of Hotspot Shield Crack

There is no special system requirement for this application. The supported OS are: Windows 8 (32 & 64 bit), Windows 2000, Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit), Windows 2003, Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit), Windows Vista, and Windows XP

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