Removewat 2.2.9 For Windows 7, 8, 10 For Free!


All Windows operating systems and Windows products come with activation technologies, to ensure that the user is operating a genuine copy of the product. The Windows Activation Technologies (WAT), which was established with the production of Windows 7, allows the user to confirm that the copy of Windows that is on their computer is a genuine one. It also protects from counterfeit applications. As we know, the product keys that comes with a Windows product is the 25 characters long code that is needed to activate the product, allowing full access to all of the features. But, what if you don’t have that product key? Then, you will have a basic copy of the Windows product and will not have the advantage of experiencing the full benefits of the product. That is where RemoveWAT comes in to save the day.

This software is the useful tool that activates Windows 7 and Windows 8, allowing you to have a genuine copy of the operating system. It works with Windows 7 Ultimate, Win 7 Professional, Windows 7 sp1, Windows 7 enterprise, Win 7 basic and Win 7 home. You can have a genuine copy of these products without cracking. RemoveWAT is the only software of its kind specifically to remove WAT solely from Microsoft products.  It has been tested and proven to be very successful when it comes to getting rid of Windows Activation Technologies and you can always count on the copies to be completely genuine. The way the software works is instead of using a product key for activation, it disables the function of Windows 7 that checks for the key, thereby cutting out the free trial period and giving the user full access to Windows 7 at all times. It is a safe and guaranteed method.

The program is completely safe for any PC, as it has been checked and proven secure by anti-virus technology.  RemoveWAT guarantees a lifetime genuine activation for Windows, so you don’t have to worry about an expiration date. It comes with a lot of features and it very easy to attain. The best part is that it can be downloaded by anyone free of charge.

Features of RemoveWAT

This free software is a multi-function tool, with many features that will be sure to give users a great experience.

  • The tool gives lifetime activation of Windows. There is no need to be concerned about an expiration date.
  • It does not only work with Windows 7 but has been tested and proven operable on Windows 8, Windows 8.1. Windows XP and Windows 10.
  • When you get the free trial of a Windows operating system, there is always a warning that appears stating that you only have thirty days. RemoveWAT will get rid of that notification.
  • It has been proven not to be harmful to your device or any other active software
  • The program works both offline and online. So, if you don’t have a reliable internet connection, you can still benefit.
  • The software is simple to use. It only takes a few clicks to activate Windows. Those with only a little knowledge of technology can easily use the tool.
  • Being such a powerful tool with so many features, the Windows activation software is lightweight. It won’t take up too much hard drive space and slow down your device.
  • RemoveWAT is guaranteed to work and not only is it useful but it is a stable software and it works rapidly.
  • The software is appropriate for community connectivity.
  • The installation process is very simple.

New for Updated Version of RemoveWAT

You will get the latest tools and functions that the software has to offer with the updates.

  • Minor bug problems were fixed.
  • All Windows Activation processes were resolved
  • The integration of all of the operating systems has been explained.
  • All updates are completely free of risks.

Advantages and Disadvantages of RemoveWAT


  • RemoveWAT can activate all versions/editions of Windows 7, as well as Windows 8 and 10.
  • It is 100 percent guaranteed to work.
  • The simple user interface makes it ideal for anyone with any level of experience to operate.
  • When you update Windows, you will not lose the license.
  • Internet connection is not necessary when using Removewat. It is only required for the download process, after which it can be used in offline or online mode.


Probably the only disadvantages of using RemoveWAT to activate Windows is that there are:

  • There is no technical support offered. But that shouldn’t be much of a problem as the software’s design is known to be effortless.
  • Using any pirated software to activate Windows is a risk so one has to be cautious when choosing from the many cracking programs offered. However, this is not speaking directly to RemoveWAT because it has been proven to be safe.

Screenshot Reviews:

System Requirements

  • RemoveWAT was specifically created with a link to the architecture of Windows Products. Therefore, it will only work with versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • It will function on both a 32 bit and 64 bit OS
  • It works with all versions of Windows 7 as well as Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows Vista

Installing RemoveWAT

  1. The first step is to turn off any anti-virus software you have on your device. If not, the software will not be able to function with the windows registry and will be ineffective.
  2. The next step to download RemoveWAT from a source or website, which should be offered for free.
  3. Start the installer and wait a while as it the installation process is completed.
  4. After installation, you then need to restart your device.
  5. That is it. You should then be able to access the genuine copy of Windows without any problems.

Bottom Line

If you have Windows 7 or a later edition and you don’t have a product key, you can’t access the full version of the product. If you don’t have a product key for activation and can’t get your hands on a genuine one, RemoveWAT is what you need. It was designed especially to remove the Windows Activation Technologies so that you can activate a genuine copy of Windows for free.

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Windows 10 Loader Activator Working 100% For Free!

Windows 10 Loader is an operating system that is well-known among computers users these days. It’s consists of the best-advanced tools needed in an operating system for any computer system. Microsoft Company is responsible for the creation of this activator software. These activators are software is the latest released by Microsoft. The past versions of them activators are for Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows 8 operating system.

Since Windows 10 was released to the public, it calls for Loader as well, therefore Windows 10 Loader was created. When you require something to be permanently functioning for you, this Windows 10 Loader is considered as one for your computer system. With the finest and most advanced tools in it, you now have the opportunity of getting to use a nice start menu. The start menu can be used to quickly get an application needed without necessarily spending too much time.

What Do You Need To Know About Windows 10 Loader?

Windows 10 Loader is a version of operating system Windows 10 recently released. Out of all the operating system of Windows of Windows available, this particular one contains a complete set of new tools that are both simple and advanced to use. A universal application is introduced into it and it makes the possibility of expanding the metro style application. There is something common to users of a computer system, they hardly can afford the price tag on all activation software. But with this article, getting free Windows 10 Loader for accurate and genuine activation of any operating system is presented here.

Features of Windows 10 Loader

  • A newly edge browser is added
  • Addition of notification center for the computer users.
  • Presence of universal application on the operating system which the possibility of expanding metro style apps.
  • The interface is thought of all operating system available in Microsoft company and it contains themes of different on the Windows store.
  • Cortana assistant is available.
  • Windows 10 Loader is comfortable to work with compared to other available operating systems.
  • Windows 10 can be activated freely with it.
  • It operating mode is just like a virtual environment.
  • All touch devices are supported on this software.
  • The BitLocker is updated and contain more advanced features in it for the security of files you regarded as very important.
  • A newly multimedia player also comes along with Windows 10 Loader.
  • Introduction of a new browser for the securing of users from sites that are malicious to your system.
  • It causes no harm on the PC it might be installed.
  • The activation is for a lifetime and a genuine one.
  • All versions of the Windows 10 OS are activated.
  • It is 100% working and functioning.
  • Its size is of 2.2 megabytes approximately.


System Requirements

  • For a RAM of 64-bit, you need at least 2 GB size of a RAM.
  • For a RAM of 32-bit, you need at least 1 GB size of a RAM.
  • A minimum speed of 1 gigahertz processor is needed for smooth running on your Windows.
  • 800 x 600 pixels is required for the screen resolution.
  • Space of 16 gigabytes must be present on the hard disk.
  • Availability of a DirectX 9.0

How To Use Windows 10 Loader

The steps to follow in using a Windows 10 Loader is not that cumbersome you just have to be careful with not skipping a tip. The tips are:

  1. Both Windows defender and anti-virus that might be in active service on the system should be turned off before doing anything. Endeavor to carry this out, without it; your processes will not result in a successful installation
  2. The file which consists of the activation setup is what you need to get next. Then the installer setup should be extracted (NOTE: the installer setup will have a .exe file at the suffix position of the file)
  3. Double click on it and the installation will start right away.
  4. It may take time for the installation to complete and it may not. It all depends on the requirements of your system.
  5. Reboot the system once you have completed installation. The rebooting will make the activation to be completed spread out to the entire system.
  6. After a successful restarting of the system, a lifetime activation has just been completed.

How to Crack Windows 10 Loader

  1. The Window 10 product key generator version should be first installed on the system.
  2. A necessary stop you need to take next is the anti-virus on the system should be disabled. This can cause a discontinuity in the process of cracking the software.
  3. Download Windows 10 Loader setup
  4. Unzip the Windows 10 Loader setup because it will be in form of a zip folder.
  5. Run the unzipped file with an admin right.
  6. Select the button with activation on it during the process of running the unzipped file
  7. The process will require some time but not long.
  8. After completing the process successfully, reboot the system immediately.
  9. You are now ready to use Windows 10 Loader.

Newly Tools Introduced into Windows 10 Loader

  • Xbox App: this Xbox app has made the streaming of Xbox games to be smooth and possible in playing on the system. A game with a highly fast speed or a regulation of high graphics can now be played with ease on Windows 10 Loader. Online games which can prompt playing games with friends is now possible. The presence of DirectX 12 on the PC can be an advantage for this new tool.
  • Touch Support: this new tool is a way of improving the interface of Windows OS. It makes the possibility of accessing the features on Windows 10 with the help of touch. There is no need of using a mouse or keyboard which can be a long process again. Just click on the icon you need by touching it. This touch support can be applied to devices such as tablets, phones, computers and so on.
  • Cortana: it has been a new form of improvement generally to Windows 10. It makes things easier to be carried out with the virtual environment included in it. Interaction with the computer can be done by talking.
  • Other tools are:
  • Universal Apps
  • Notification center
  • Continuum
  • Next level Multitasking
  • Start Menu

Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key, Serial keys {100% Working}

Microsoft office 2013 product key is one of the popular searches you will find on the net. This is so because of its effectiveness in activating MS office products. It is usually done within a few minutes.

Why Choose MS Office 2013?

Most people prefer to use Microsoft Office 2013 when they need to create virtual files and some e-documents. This software is what they first preferred to others. With this version of Microsoft Office, documents can be created into different formats. These formats include the following:

  1. PDF files which are always with .pdf at the suffix after such document has been saved.
  2. Excel files(this one is saved as .x/sx)
  3. Word files(this format is saved as .docx, or .doc)
  4. Publish brochures, flyers, envelopes,etc.
  5. PowerPoint Presentations(this format is in form of .ppt)

Features of Microsoft Office 2013 Product Key

After you might have installed the software, some features embedded in this software will be listed beneath:

  • Draw, swipe notes, and handwriting present in the OneNote
  • Free space of 15 GB storage in the option OneDrive
  • Viewing, editing, and creating different types of MS file formats
  • Features of a startup screen that is customized for the bundled app
  • This version is supporting files like PDF files, doc files, and so on
  • Synchronization of documents across several devices is made easier on MS Office 2013
  • New templates of Excel spreadsheet with different styles
  • Conversion of document contents to graphs, tables, chart, and so on
  • The availability of SkyDrive that aid the sharing of documents and also the backing up of these same document
  • The user interface is of modern style
  • Accessing files at any location, anytime, and on any kind of device
  • A feature of the Reading mode that makes users have access to distraction-free means of reading


System Requirements

Let us take a look at the standard requirement your system must meet up with before installing this product are:

  • A Compatible Direct X9 graphics card
  • 1024 X 576 pixel for the screen resolution
  • 1 gigahertz processor for the system with either 32 bit or 64 bit
  • 3-gigabyte free space should be made available on the hard disk
  • 1 GB size on 32-bit system and then 2 GB size on the 64-bit system

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2013 with an Internet Source

Now that the working product key for MS Office 2013 has been found, then what you need to do next is to activate. The following steps will guide you on how to achieve that:

  1. Open the product i.e. the MS Office software installed on the computer.
  2. A box of activation wizard requesting for activation key will appear on the screen.
  3. Just provide the working key you have with you.
  4. Click on activate button.
  5. Within the next few minutes, the activation process will be completed as a result of the fast internet access.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2013 with the use of a Phone

After the product key of MS Office 2013 is made available, then proceed to the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the system from any source of internet. But make sure the software is installed on the system initially before the disconnection.
  2. Open the product i.e. the MS office software installed on the computer.
  3. Go to All programs that are located on the PC.
  4. An option of activation wizard requesting for product key will come up.
  5. The working product key with you should be entered.
  6. Choose to activate the product with the use of a phone.
  7. A number will be sent to you on the screen, dial it.
  8. Then a voice will come up in form of recorded voice as key for which version you need.
  9. Choose Home, then provide any other information asked during the call process.
  10. The confirmation ID will be sent to you.
  11. Input this confirmation ID into the activation wizard and activate it.

Can You Use MS Office 2013 Without a Key?

It is very possible for a user to use Microsoft Office 2013 without providing a product key. The only disadvantage for this is that some of the important features will refuse to work. It can still be managed for some certain period of time. But as time goes by, there will be a need to get the product key and activate this product. The best option is getting it activated with a key. The necessary support, updates, features will make the software an easy one to work with.

Where is your MS Office 2013 Product key?

The location of your product key depends on how the MS office is gotten. You may purchase it from the Microsoft Company. It may be downloaded from the net and you may borrow it from a friend. No matter the means, these ways listed below will direct you to where your product key can be:

  1. For a software that is purchased in form of a DVD, the product key will be attached inside somewhere in the box. It can be on the DVD as a sticker or just on a paper.
  2. The MS office 2013 product key can be sent to the registered email you used during downloading of the software.
  3. A genuine product key cannot be given in case it was downloaded with a torrent platform.

How To Find a Lost MS Office 2013 Product Key

Locating a lost product key to your MS office 2013 can be done in diverse ways. You can use any of the following methods listed below:

  • Viewing the 2013 product key on the Account page of your product.
  • The use of a Belarc Advisor key finder or any other key finder software.
  • Contacting of Microsoft directly for the replacement of the lost 2013 product key.

One of the above methods will be briefly described

Viewing The MS Office 2013 Product Key On The Account Page Of The Product

This method is applicable for those that really registered their product when they started using it. This is due to the fact that Microsoft would have saved the product key for you.

The steps you need to take to retrieve it are:

  1. On the MS office Account official page, sign in at the appropriate place
  2. Tap on the ‘install from a DVD drive’ and follow the given instructions thereafter.
  3. Then click ‘I have a disc’ and then click ‘view of the product key’
  4. Record the product key and keep it safe.

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Windows 8 Product Key {UPDATED}

Windows 8 Product Key

Just about everyone should be familiar with Microsoft and their Windows products. The software giant has produced many products, useful to everyone of all ages and for multiple purposes-whether personal or business. Windows 8 is the operating system, following Windows 7. The features that users love about Windows 7 are still present- just better. It still has the security features, keyboard shortcuts, deployment options and management tools that we love but on an elevated scale. Windows 8 offers quite a few updates and changes. For one, it embraces the tablet world, being optimized for touch screens.  Users can use this version of Windows on PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones. This version runs much faster than the previous and has a few functions not seen before. For one, with this edition, the user is able to reset and refresh a PC with ease, in the event that the system slows down or develop bugs.

This version of Windows offers a more modern look and graphics. A major benefit is the availability of more space so applications can show live data on their icons to give the most recent information at one glance. Windows 8 apps, which are immersive, full-screen application, are also introduced. Another great update is that menu commands or items only show up when they are needed. Things are easy to navigate, as the user can simply swipe or flick with the touchscreen experience. There are so many features that users will adore about Windows 8.

Key Features of Windows 8

As mentioned, this version of Windows has a lot of enhanced features from the previous version as well as a few new ones. There is a long list of features offered by the updated edition, but a few of the major features of the software include:

  • Touchscreen technology. As the first gestural version of Windows, the operating system supports actions such as swiping. The user can also use the pinch to zoom action to make images bigger.
  • Live Tiles. The user can get information about applications without opening them. This feature comes in useful with apps such as calendar, mail, news, and photos; and for viewing thumbnail images, upcoming events, recent headlines, and emails.
  • The user can choose up to seven applications that will function in the background and still send notifications to the lock screen.
  • A full system search is offered, so users can search for specific settings, files, and applications from the start screen.
  • This version of Windows offers the refresh and reset options, which is an easy way to reset or refresh a PC. This comes in handy when the PC begins to slow down. This one tap move will refresh the PC without altering personalized setting, apps or files. The reset option comes in handy if the user wants to wipe the PC clean.
  • This version is the first one of Windows to function on both traditional PCs based on and ARM-based tablets.
  • It comes with the new Internet Explorer 10 as a Windows app and as a Windows Store App. The browser is designed for Web Navigation by Touch. It provides faster browsing through more hardware acceleration, and swift gesture-based pan, zoom, pan, and website navigation.
  • This operating system conveniently uses less memory than previous versions of Windows and it also works at a greater speed.
  • The Snap Multitasking feature in place to make it simple to run two apps side-by-side. They can be resized, and the user can switch between them. On one side of the screen, an application can be put into place, and it can be made larger or smaller by dragging the bar.
  • It contains two touch keyboards- those are a thumbs keyboard for non-touch typing and a traditional keyboard that had been enhanced. In this revised edition typing on a virtual keyboard is much faster because words are suggested for you to select as you type. There is also a spell check for automatic correction of errors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 8


  • It’s a stable application.
  • It has a modern design and an easy to use interface.
  • Not only does it have new native Metro applications, but it also supports the classic desktop apps.


  • The Metro interface may take a little time to get accustomed to

Screenshots Reviews:

Windows 8 Product KeyWindows 8 Product Key

How To Get Windows 8

With every copy of Windows products, activation code or product key is necessary. In order to activate all the great features of Windows 8, this product key is needed after the application is installed.

If you already have a genuine copy of Windows 7, you might be able to obtain a free upgrade to Windows 8. But a product key is still needed for genuine activation.  Luckily it is quite simple to get a product key, which is twenty-five characters long and activates your copy of the app. You can locate an appropriate site that offers free product keys for you to try. Any of the listed keys can easily be copied and used to activate Windows 8 for free.

System Requirements

In order for Windows 8 to function seamlessly on a device, there are some minimum necessary hardware and software compatibility and requirements:

  • A Processor of 1 gigahertz or faster.
  • 1 gigabyte RAM for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
  • At least 16 GB Hard disk space or 20 GB for 64-bit
  • For tablets, you will need a table that has support for multi-touch
  • Internet access to get the latest features and security information.

If your computer is compatible with Windows 7, the updated edition should have no problem functioning on the same hardware.

Bottom Line

After reviewing all of the features offered with Windows 8- both the enhanced classic features and the many newly introduced ones- the update is a great choice to make. It is especially great for those who have to work on the go and work on devices other than a PC. The best part is that if you already have Windows 7, a smooth transition can be made into 8 with an easy update and you’ll have access to tons of optimized features.

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Windows XP Product Key Free For 32/64 bIT Latest

Windows XP Product Key

Windows XP is part of the operating systems of Microsoft Windows. It dates back to the year 2001. It has been in the market for long and the value has not depreciated even with the introduction of newer versions. It became what most people used immediately it was released in 2001. New updates are no longer available for this OS. Without the product key, Windows XP tends not to work as effectively as you want. Therefore, the generating of a product key for it is very important.

How to Find the Window XP Product Key

If you want to install your Windows XP all over again, the product key for the Windows XP will be needed for the installation to be successful. Normally you can get your product key in your email if it was downloaded. You can also get it on the ever of box of DVD used. But if re-installation of this Windows XP is required but the product key cannot be located again, then you need to improve. Finding the product key for Windows XP will be discussed below

To find window XP product key is not a difficult task. It will take you not more than 10 minutes to complete the finding. The steps required are given below

  1. If you want to locate the product key of window XP manually from the registries, it seems very not possible to be achievable because it is an encrypted process.

N.B.: for operating systems such as Windows 98 and Windows 95, the manual procedures can be used in locating product key for them. But it does not work with Windows XP. The manual Procedures can only provide the product identification for your Windows XP and not the original product key for installation.

  1. There are many programs online that are free for generating product key. Close one of these free products that are compatible with Windows XP. The needed product keys will be generated for you automatically with the program.

N.B.: if you can get any finder program product key that works with Windows XP, then this same key finder can locate product key for Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional edition.

Tip: the several available product key finder programs are Belarc Advisor, ProduKey, LicenseCrawler, Magical Jelly Bean Key finder, and Win key finder. These are just a few out of the tools available online.

  1. Choose one of these key finder application and download it. There are specific instructions that are provided by all key finders software. Follow them accordingly without taking any for granted. The Belarc Advisor is the key finder that was used as a point of references in this course of writing this article. It is an easy one to use. Just make use of CD to install the Belarc Advisor. Then run or launch the program in order to locate the product keys for Windows XP. A default browser will show and the required product key will be located in it. It can be seen at the section on software licenses.
  2. The displayed key must be a combination of letters and numbers. It will add up to 25 characters if counted. The format of the product key is always the same as the other software. The characters will be grouped into 5 characters each with a hyphen to differentiate them.
  3. Copy this code somewhere else or simply write it out. Make sure it is correctly written down. Any missing characters mean the installation will not be successful. Do not interchange any of the letters with numbers. Some of the software for finding product keys can allow you to import the product key directly to Windows XP.

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What to Do If That Method Refuses to Work?

If it is important for Windows XP to be installed on the system and the product key cannot be found even with the help of key finder, then there are other two choices left for you.

Microsoft support center can be contracted for a replacement of product key. This is very cheap and easy to do. But if this method refuses to work out, then you are left with only one more choice, get a new product key. Purchase a new copy of the Microsoft product and start with the installation afresh.

Screenshot Reviews:

Windows XP Product Key Windows XP Product Key

Is Serial Key Needed For Windows XP Installation

There are two major means of licensing agreements for Windows XP. One is the Volume Licensing Key (VLK) and the Volume Licensing for the organization (VLO). The significance of mentioning this is that any DVD with VOL written on it means that such Windows XP does not require the use of product key. Therefore, it can be installed without necessarily using a serial key.

But if VLK is what is written or seen on the DVD, which means a genuine product key is needed for installation.

Do You Need A Windows XP 32-Bits or 64-Bits Key?

Windows XP was created and programmed for a computer of either 32-bits or 64-bits. 32-bits refer to your system central processing unit architecture. Therefore, if the processor of your system is 32-bit, that requires a 32-bit Windows XP to be installed. Likewise, for a 64-bit processor, it needs a 64-bit Windows XP version in order to be able to handle the memory size.

Initially, the majority of the computer was making use of 32 bit during the time of launching of Windows XP. This implies that over 90% of people using Windows XP are using 32-bits OS. But there is 64-bit Windows XP that is available for 64 bits OS.

How to Use Windows XP Product Keys

  • Go to the start button and click it.
  • Right click on the computer option and look for properties option.
  • Click the Windows activation option that is always at the bottom of the screen.
  • An option of changing the Windows XP product key will come up.
  • Choose this option and insert the product key in this box.
  • Wait for the product key to complete its work.
  • It is now ready for use.
  • Enjoy its features to an optimal level.
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