IVT BlueSoleil Full Version With Crack Keygen Free Download

it is the only fabulous Bluesoleil crack full version application produced for Microsoft Windows, Linux, mobile phone and android. It is a complete highlighted software purposed to offer the user approach to those Bluetooth appliances which they don’t generally utilize because the user can’t associate with an operating system. Bluesoleil Crack is the fantastic software that facilitates the user to distinguish and link any Bluetooth medium enclosing people’s operating system including Headsets, mobile phones, PDAs, Digital camera and various apparatus within minutes. It is intuitive and effortless for any device without any restriction. This program will decrease utilizing disorientation wires appliances. User ventures it and carouse ignorance with wireless digital mediums which they use in daily continuation.

IVT BlueSoleil 10.0.498.0 Full Version With Crack Keygen Free Download

Bluesoleil crack enables the user to share their necessary data files like pictures, contacts, videos, audio tracks, office files, and any other data file easily. People can send the extended messages to anyone after typing the content from applying its message conversation. It is the superb alternative of other transferring applications available in the market using for sharing data files to various computers and mediums. This program is the fantastic solution that depends on this agreement for synchronizing or interchanging data among different appliances. It contains the attractive and efficient user-friendly interface with superior features and functions.

Bluesoleil full version supports the advanced and fresh SIG Bluetooth and can operate more than ten appliances at a time. This application is also accordant with several HCI collaborates like USB, PCMCIA, UART and contract Flash. You can also utilize the program to share files like camera phone videos or images, or ringtones MIDI files, among the mobile phone and the laptop, to print out or fax the different documents from the mobile, to join instantly to the mobile’s microphone and speaker link, and enables to make calls using the operating system to dial. This software is entirely free from all types of viruses, threats, spyware, and other bugs. It keeps your devices full protective and safe from viruses and fix all the issues related to Bluetooth.

Bluesoleil Latest Version upgrades its features automatically as well as updates specific system files to forcefully install the tool. It requires to operate on the laptop that appears with Bluetooth or on the computer that has been devoted dongle linked to it. Using this fantastic program, the user needs to execute Bluetooth it will start scanning the adjacent for the supported appliances. When they get the desired device, the user can begin sharing files through Bluetooth. This is the latest version which is free of cost with fabulous restoring features. If there is no Bluetooth dongle connected to the operating system the Bluetooth logo will be grey, change to blue if a dongle is plugged, and green when linked to the different Bluetooth authorized the device. In this latest version, it is compatible with 24 various Bluetooth functions and 17 several languages all around the world.

Highlighted features of Bluesoleil Crack:

  • Compatible with  Bluetooth 4.o including Find Me, Health Thermometer, Proximity, Heart Rate, HID OVER GATE.
  • Contains high sound quality of A2DP and SCO.
  • Having enhanced and improved presentation of multi-accounts.
  • Improves SCO audio quality which user have to adjust it from the Bluetooth tools.
  • Provides the simple, interactive and effortless user-friendly interface.
  • Maintain its entire performance with a few additional tools and functions.
  • Exchange any data and recording with rapidly data interchanging speed.
  • Supported PBAP account.
  • Compatible with Symbian S40/S60, windows mobile, MTK mobile phones, androids and tablets that gives PBAP service.
  • Transferring files with high speed.
What's New:
  • Wireless sharing of different files does not require any wire or cable.
  • It offers to synchronize information between the computer and mobile phone.
  • Restore, or backup contacts in user’s Bluetooth authorized mobile or android to or from an operating system.
  • Create, remove and uploads contacts.
  • Most of Bluetooth authorized mobile phones from Moto, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC or Dopod, LG, BlackBerry and more.
  • Supported dual mode dongles without any restrictions.
  • Enables you to send messages to multiple profiles from your operating system.
  • Has copyright privacy to secure user’s legitimate rights and significance.
  • Wirelessly approach the internet anytime and anywhere.

Supported Bluesoleil crack chipsets:

  • Bluesoleil Keygen is compatible with established chipsets including Broadcom, CSR, Texas Instruments, ISSC, 3DSP, Marvell, Semiconductor, Conwise, Atheros, Accel, and much more.
  • It supports more Bluetooth laptops such as Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell, HP, ASUS, Samsung, LG and TOSHIBA and moreover.
System specifications for Bluesoleil crack:
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1.
  • Processor: Intel 600 MHz
  • Free hard disk: 500 MB
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Supported both 32-bit and 64-bit versions
How to install and activate Bluesoleil full version:
  • Download the Bluesoleil Full download link given below.
  • Operate the downloaded file and install it into your operating system.
  • Check its activation status update.
  • Copy the crack file and paste it into the installation registry.
  • Restart your entire operating system.
  • It will take some time to complete the entire procedure.
  • Enjoy! It is successfully activated on your operating system. Now sharing your desired files among different devices easily.

Driver Booster v9.4.0.240 PRO Serial Key + Crack Free Activated

IObit Driver Booster Pro v9.4.0.240 License Key [Lifetime]

One of the most obvious drawbacks about Window, in comparison to other operating systems, is the need to manually update software. This can become harder when you have to keep the system drivers update. There are many programs on the market that does this task automatically, but one of the best and well-known in the field is Driver Booster Pro. This software will automatically identify outdated drivers and install the updates to the computer’s system, and it does this on a routine basis, so your computer will always be up to date without much effort from you. All of this is done with just a click. There is no complicated process. With the simple to use interface, anyone with any technological experience can download this program and benefit from it.

It updates every driver for video, USB, audio and other devices on your computer that overtime gets obsolete. These outdated entities can affect the performance of a computer significantly, causing a whole lot of errors in the system. With the use of this application, your system will also be secured from hardware conflicts, crashes, and failures. Driver Booster is also known for enhancing drivers to optimize game performance with the ‘Game Mode’. feature

Driver Booster is a safe and fast optimization utility that doesn’t take up too much space on your hard disk or interfere with the operation of other tasks. Along with being reliable and convenient, it doesn’t cost anything. You can get it as a free download and experience all of the helpful features.

Screenshoot Review

Driver Booster PRO Serial Key + Crack Free Activated 2020

Driver Booster PRO Serial Key + Crack Free Activated 2020

Key Features of Driver Booster Pro

Driver Booster has many tools in place that will benefit every user. Here are a few of the most prominent features:

  • There is an enhanced driver compression formula and a driver package that is about thirty percent smaller in size than the original. This significantly lessens download time and the app also allows installations and downloading of drivers when the system is in idle mode.
  • Outdated drivers will quickly be identified during a routine scan and immediately updated.
  • A stabler PC and much fewer device errors. Over time a computer starts to slow down and malfunction because of outdated drivers and error. This software will find all the outdated drivers every time it is started up and will update the missing or out of date drivers efficiently.
  • Sometimes when a game is loading or downloading it stops and is stuck at a particular percentage, which can be exasperating. With the Driver Booster, you can avoid this and get a much better gaming performance. This software contributes to a fast and smooth gaming experience. It also enhances audio quality and improves graphics.
  • A safe PC with double insurance. The program will offer reliable WHQL drivers to make sure the computer is safe. It will back up a former copy as well as put in place in a restore point before it begins an update,
  • There is a large directory so rare and outate drivers can be updated.
  • There is a speed limit for unlocking driver updates.
  • Full technical support is available whenever needed.
  • There is an easy to use, interactive interface that makes using the tool simple for all users of any experience level. Everything can be done with a single click method.
  • There are so many useful tools in place to solve problems such as network errors, device errors, bad resolutions and audio crackling.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Driver Booster Pro

While the driver optimizer is a great tool to have for any system, there are a few drawbacks. However, the many features and benefits outweigh the small number of drawbacks.


  • The program ensures safety on every aspect. It will set restore points before making updates, only exhibit WHQL drivers and back up drivers. There is nothing to worry about when using the app.
  • It has been tested and has been proven to be one of the easiest to use and fastest of its kind ou there. Plus it is always aware of what needs to be updated. If we take on such a task manually, we could miss a lot of the drivers that need updating.
  • If you’re not sure when to restart your system during the updating of drivers, the program will let you know when and do it for you.
  • The ability to find game components and enhance the drivers make the program game-centric. All gaming experience is greatly enhanced.


  • The constant warning about the identified risks can be more alarming than they seem and cause unnecessary panic.
  • Many of the drivers that are installed and downloaded as a unit need to update one at a time, even after the system has been rebooted. But, rescanning is simple and swift so this doesn’t pose that much of a problem.

Activating Driver Booster Pro

Activating the software is quite simple. It’s just a few easy steps that anyone can complete.

  1. The first thing to do is to install the application, which can be found on the appropriate site for free.
  2.  The key that is given to complete the registration is then to be used.
  3. That is the end of the short process. The program can now be enjoyed.

System Requirements

There are a few minimum system requirements for the downloading and proper functioning of Driver Booster Pro.

  • At least 1 GB of free disk space, which is for download and installation
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
  • The program is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Bottom Line

Driver Booster Pro is a well thought out, comprehensive program. Updating drivers manually can be time-consuming and that is if a person knows which ones need to be updated or are missing. This application is able to swiftly identify outdated and missing drivers and resolve the problem with ease. It’s less headache for every computer user. Not only is it efficient, it is easy for anyone to use, even those with little experience. The best part is that getting your hands on this useful tool is free.

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AndroRat Full Version Android Hacking Tool {Error Fixed}

AndroRat Best Android Hacking Tool Download 2022

This word is a combination of two different words. Let’s take a look over, it is Android and Rat after combining these two words, and it is AndroRat. It will be the best application program that lets the user give information regarding Android devices. Well, it is the most asked question from the audience that what kind of information we can find after using it. Yeah, the activated version of AndroRat Download provides call logs, messages and much more information that user needs.

AndroRat Full Version Android Hacking Tool {Error Fixed}Most importantly, if you are curious about to download install and activate this particular application to your smartphone, then this article is helpful for you. It uses RAT technology, which stands for Remote Access technology. With the combination of Remote Access technology, this app will able to get all the information from another smartphone. In case, you want to hack the phone of your girlfriend or boyfriend or want to spy your friends secretly then you can do it with this useful software.

AndroRat Full Version Android Hacking Tool {Error Fixed}AndroRat is the best and perfect app if you are an Android user. Do not confuse if you are confused about is it works or not. We are providing the tested setup that works on All android phones. It can also be used in the target phone as client-side and on the hacker’s computer as the server-side application. The APK format is written in Java Android and the server application using Swing and Java. This tool has created personal security reasons and for useful purposes. And you should use this setup for educational meaning for knowledge.

AndroRat Full Version Android Hacking Tool {Error Fixed}

Facts And Figures of AndroRat

  • It is the best app for spying
  • The user can get contacts and all information related to contacts
  • Trace all incoming, missed and received calls from targeted phone
  • Works on Location by GPS/ Network
  • Monitors received messages in live mode
  • The user can also monitor live call
  • Use Camera of targeted phone remotely and take pictures alike

What’s New

  • From microphone stream sound
  • Stream Video from targeted phone
  • With its adorable interface, you can also send the message or text message that
  • prompts the targeted phone
  • Can be operated in your computer and Mac devices

How to Configure:

  • Before using it, the user must have to configure
  • You have to make an ID on here and create a host
  • Need to open port that you want to use
  • If you’re going to install it on your computer system, then you must follow the instructions
  • in the download folder
  • Download the setup separately available in the link below for Windows

What’s Required to use AndroRat

  • Your Smartphone
  • Computer desktop/ tablet or laptop
  • Must have to install Java on your computer
  • Needs Wireless router
  • Requires fast internet connection


If your Antivirus is turning off all Androrat server application, then turn off the Anti-virus for some minutes. Restart your Pc if the problem persists. After restarting you will be able to use it and get your data. Hit the Download button to download and install the app to your device and keep spying your friends.

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