Windows 8 Product Key {UPDATED}

Windows 8 Product Key

Just about everyone should be familiar with Microsoft and their Windows products. The software giant has produced many products, useful to everyone of all ages and for multiple purposes-whether personal or business. Windows 8 is the operating system, following Windows 7. The features that users love about Windows 7 are still present- just better. It still has the security features, keyboard shortcuts, deployment options and management tools that we love but on an elevated scale. Windows 8 offers quite a few updates and changes. For one, it embraces the tablet world, being optimized for touch screens.  Users can use this version of Windows on PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones. This version runs much faster than the previous and has a few functions not seen before. For one, with this edition, the user is able to reset and refresh a PC with ease, in the event that the system slows down or develop bugs.

This version of Windows offers a more modern look and graphics. A major benefit is the availability of more space so applications can show live data on their icons to give the most recent information at one glance. Windows 8 apps, which are immersive, full-screen application, are also introduced. Another great update is that menu commands or items only show up when they are needed. Things are easy to navigate, as the user can simply swipe or flick with the touchscreen experience. There are so many features that users will adore about Windows 8.

Key Features of Windows 8

As mentioned, this version of Windows has a lot of enhanced features from the previous version as well as a few new ones. There is a long list of features offered by the updated edition, but a few of the major features of the software include:

  • Touchscreen technology. As the first gestural version of Windows, the operating system supports actions such as swiping. The user can also use the pinch to zoom action to make images bigger.
  • Live Tiles. The user can get information about applications without opening them. This feature comes in useful with apps such as calendar, mail, news, and photos; and for viewing thumbnail images, upcoming events, recent headlines, and emails.
  • The user can choose up to seven applications that will function in the background and still send notifications to the lock screen.
  • A full system search is offered, so users can search for specific settings, files, and applications from the start screen.
  • This version of Windows offers the refresh and reset options, which is an easy way to reset or refresh a PC. This comes in handy when the PC begins to slow down. This one tap move will refresh the PC without altering personalized setting, apps or files. The reset option comes in handy if the user wants to wipe the PC clean.
  • This version is the first one of Windows to function on both traditional PCs based on and ARM-based tablets.
  • It comes with the new Internet Explorer 10 as a Windows app and as a Windows Store App. The browser is designed for Web Navigation by Touch. It provides faster browsing through more hardware acceleration, and swift gesture-based pan, zoom, pan, and website navigation.
  • This operating system conveniently uses less memory than previous versions of Windows and it also works at a greater speed.
  • The Snap Multitasking feature in place to make it simple to run two apps side-by-side. They can be resized, and the user can switch between them. On one side of the screen, an application can be put into place, and it can be made larger or smaller by dragging the bar.
  • It contains two touch keyboards- those are a thumbs keyboard for non-touch typing and a traditional keyboard that had been enhanced. In this revised edition typing on a virtual keyboard is much faster because words are suggested for you to select as you type. There is also a spell check for automatic correction of errors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows 8


  • It’s a stable application.
  • It has a modern design and an easy to use interface.
  • Not only does it have new native Metro applications, but it also supports the classic desktop apps.


  • The Metro interface may take a little time to get accustomed to

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Windows 8 Product Key {UPDATED}Windows 8 Product Key {UPDATED}

How To Get Windows 8

With every copy of Windows products, activation code or product key is necessary. In order to activate all the great features of Windows 8, this product key is needed after the application is installed.

If you already have a genuine copy of Windows 7, you might be able to obtain a free upgrade to Windows 8. But a product key is still needed for genuine activation.  Luckily it is quite simple to get a product key, which is twenty-five characters long and activates your copy of the app. You can locate an appropriate site that offers free product keys for you to try. Any of the listed keys can easily be copied and used to activate Windows 8 for free.

System Requirements

In order for Windows 8 to function seamlessly on a device, there are some minimum necessary hardware and software compatibility and requirements:

  • A Processor of 1 gigahertz or faster.
  • 1 gigabyte RAM for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
  • At least 16 GB Hard disk space or 20 GB for 64-bit
  • For tablets, you will need a table that has support for multi-touch
  • Internet access to get the latest features and security information.

If your computer is compatible with Windows 7, the updated edition should have no problem functioning on the same hardware.

Bottom Line

After reviewing all of the features offered with Windows 8- both the enhanced classic features and the many newly introduced ones- the update is a great choice to make. It is especially great for those who have to work on the go and work on devices other than a PC. The best part is that if you already have Windows 7, a smooth transition can be made into 8 with an easy update and you’ll have access to tons of optimized features.

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